Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Last of the atom men

Over the past few of years, something of an underground musical revolution has taken place in Nottingham. As the city's cultural stature grows, so too does the number of innovative and leftfield bands who call that fine city home. Wolves of Greece, Army of flying robots, Science!Bastard!, Birds of...., all of them subversive noisemongers, astounding and disturbing audiences in equal measure, forming the backbone of Nottingham's scene.

None, however, are quite so incendiary as Punish the Atom. Frankly, it's a pity that all we have for you is an MP3 of a studio recording, because nothing can better their live show. Stage left, strings are snapped and wooden necks abused, stage right electronics are plucked out from an intimidating array of equipment, skins are beaten with unerring accuracy and a total disregard for subtlety at the back, and at the front of it all, centre stage, is Joey Bell, Lord Joey of Bellingham, Nottingham's own Spiderman - baby faced record shop assistant by day, warpainted sergeant banshee by night, like the evil twin of Hank von Helvete placed in charge of a crack squadron of veterans of disorder. Punish's star is rising, and burning brighter and faster as it does. NME reviews, headlining tours, rapturous receptions in London, and a sound that just gets better with every passing month. This track, a ripsnorter though it is, is a pale imitation of the onslaught they provide in the live arena. For your own sake, make the effort to see them.

Punish the Atom - Negative Negative

Punish the Atom's online home can be found here



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