Saturday, March 19, 2005

I'll Never Forget What's His Name

Negative For Francis What a strange week. Ok, so was St Patricks Day on Thursday (Guiness makes you do crazy things, kids), but what I do find strange - and slightly unsettling - is the amount of people talking to themselves in the street. I really don't know a lot about Tourette's syndrome, so you'll have to excuse my ignorance, but I was always led to believe that Tourettes was exceptionaly rare? I expect there is some kind of solar enlighmnent specific to my town at moment that i'm not aware of ... Ah well, I should really cheer up, it's the weekend. The Whitey album still isn't out yet, is it? Well, when they finally release "The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train," i'm sure the next buzz band on the 1234 Records label, Negative For Francis, will gladly take their fair share of the limelight. This London three – piece, are doing all the right things at the moment. Firstly, they're signed to 1234 Record and secondly, well, the new single was produced by Paul Epsworth (Phones), so you know it has a good chance already. Loud, fast, propulsive and replete with electronic noodlings, this song (their next single) glides, and swoops to kill - or something. It's new-wave influenced surf-rock with hand claps. Listen to it. Buy the single.

Negative For Francis - Love Bug

There we go, short and sweet.


At 10:58 pm, Blogger 20jazzfunkgreats said...

fuckin' great post.
loving em already.
got any more?


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