Thursday, March 03, 2005

Genuine Anthems

Right, it's time to bring out the big guns. Yes, that's right, The B-52's This really has been a long time coming. Anybody who caught the posts on The The V.C.s and The Long Blondes will testify to this. Their influence is literally everywhere at the moment, and I say that with no exageration. The bands on the Sheffield Phonographic Corporation label exist to prove my point - actually, that's unfair, but if you've heard Chuck, Beachbuggy and The Long Blondes then you'll know where i'm coming from. These new-wavers made the definitive debut album, and i'm sure even they couldn't comprehend how important their 1979 debut would come to come to be.

Yes, that's right, what indie disco wouldn't be complete without 52 Girls. Well, it should be a set in stone playlist special, but it's often ignored, or plainly unheard of - not possible! Really. Anyway, i'm here to change that right now, because this is a genuine new-wave-disco propelled anthem of synchronized sneaker dancing madness. Yes, that good. It's also one of their most accessible tunes, so if you don't like this, then God help us all.

You can buy their records everywhere. NOW. They also have a website, which you can get to by clicking here.


At 2:00 pm, Anonymous stevedomino said...

genius - the b-52's are the best band in the world and have been (for me) since 1986, when i first heard them - fantastiche, but WHAMMY KISS is my favourite track ever.

At 1:26 pm, Anonymous Thee Reverend said...

Oh my, I haven't had a B52's comparison thrown at me since I stopped doing Fred Schneideresque yelping with Velodrome 2000! Glad to see that the young whippersnappers on our bijou label take you on a happy rocket trip back to Planet Claire.

We remain, Sir, your most humble servants

Thee Sheffield Phonographic Corporation


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