Friday, March 25, 2005

Drop the neddle down

Big Bang Who else has got that friday feeling? The weekend started early for a lot of people, but Friday is still where it's at. I'll cut to the chase. I wasn't going to post anything today, but as often happens, I came across something great, and since it caught my attention in such a way thought it only right that I should share it with you all as soon as possible - now, basically. No doubt a lot of you have heard of the Coldrice in Birmingham, well, Weird War are playing there on the 30th of April, so I really think you should aquaint yourselves with them, and quick. Basically, they work damn hard - I can't really put it into words - to book the bands that they do, and well, I came across their download section today. You might have already heard of Copter.. Well, i've already written something about how great they are. Anyway, they're from Birmingham and regularly play with The Big Bang, who are also natives of the Coldrice.

According to their website, The Big Bang formed in December 2003, with the line up of one drummer, two vocals and two guitars. Their manifesto was - and still is - to play as many shows, to as many people as possible within your calender year, and as their tour diary confirms they're going someway to fufilling that pledge. Well, no doubt you'd like to know what all the fuss is about? I don't know, I probably get excited about music too easily but The Big Bang just do everything right for me. I've been listening to The New Bomb Turks and The Little Killers today, and well, "Give The Man The Money Honey" is a rave-up on level terms with either of these bands output. Strong words? Listen to the following track for yourselves. It's fiercely full frontal assault of soul, punk and expertly executed squeals that will have your sneakers moving before you do. The Cramps? Pah!

The Big Bang - Give Me All the Money Honey

Their Website, again.


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