Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Chainsaws and bullwhips

Right, it's time to change the tempo. I've been in that sort of mood today. Loads of Husker Du, Naked Raygun and an even stronger dosage of punk (I didn't think it was possible either) courtesy of Cleveland band, Chargers Street Gang. These guys are totally new to me, and while the reviews had hinted at what I letting myself in for, I really wasn't prepared for the sheer power of "Holy The Bop Apocalypse." This album doesn't let up for one second, and it's to it's absolute credit that it successfully celebrates bands like New Bomb Turks, Drive Like Yehu, The Stooges and Fugazi without sounding like a pastiche. Well, maybe they do sound like a pastiche; but they're so loud, so agressive and so fast that you actually begin to wonder if it really matters anyway. They spit and scream their influences and wrestle them into a sound that is different enough to call their own.

Yes, i'm going over the top, but can you really blame me? They clearly make this music for themselves. It's cathartic for them, holy terror for everybody else, but cathertic for them. Chargers Street Gang are a massive fuck you to everything bland, stagnant and plodding. Actually words like restless and wild are probably more apt, but I think i'm trying to live up to some word count now that i'll never be able to fufill. Oh, actually, I can tell you it was produced by Tim Kerr, that they're signed to Get Hip and this album absolutely does not disapoint in any shape or form. It's also more terrifiyingly good music from a decade that even i'm still catching up on: So get on it. Joe Holzheimer, Lachllan Mackinnon , Chris Kulcsar, Matt Fish and Chris Rood do not sound like the sort of guys you want to piss off.

Chargers Street Gang - Omega Bro

I couldn't find a website - at least one that worked - but you can buy the album
here. Thanks for reading.


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