Friday, February 04, 2005

Who the fuck are Black Wire?

Si McCabe -------> Guitars, backing vocals (all other noise)
Tom Greatore ----> Bass
Dan Wilson ------> Vocals

Tight jeans, skinny leather ties, shirts replete with home made "muff damage" motifs in marker pen, ceilings left emblazoned with the word "SAILOR" in blood, a pig's head, some odd headgear, and loads of cheap cider. Black Wire's low budget (and all the better for it!) debauchery sums them up perfectly - putting in a lot of worthwhile effort to the dedication of little more than good old fashioned hijinks and youthfulness.

Hailing from (and doing a fine job of representing) Leeds, Black Wire are three annoyingly skinny 20-somethings, purveyors of finest electro punk, well-loved by both the NME and the movers and shakers of various scenes countrywide. They've already got a fearsome/ridiculous live reputation (matching pants?), and a fine hometown profile, despite only having two single releases under their belt, and about 8 songs in total.

The Face is a fine demonstration of just why people are so interested in Black Wire. Strident electropunk that quite obviously doesn't take itself too seriously, but certainly takes itself seriously enough. It's been often pointed out that, if Black Wire came from London, they'd be pants. This is most probably true. Listen to this, and be thankful for the fact that they don't. Youth.

Visit them @ Black


At 11:37 am, Blogger 20jazzfunkgreats said...

I was so scared of nme's over exposure of black wire, but the boys have done good.
Cannot wait to see them again in Brighton, like an overenthusiastic bunch of whipits, and for them to get an album under their belts if they can stay sobber and out of girls beds long enough.
Cheers Pete, keep up the great work.


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