Tuesday, February 08, 2005

One decade on...

Photo: Kristofer Jonson

Geoff Farina -----> Vocals, guitar,
Eamonn Witt ------> Bass
Jeff Goddard -----> Drums

(Formed: 1993)

I see that Southern Records have job vacancies in the UK at the moment. Now that would be a good label to work for. I notice that it specifically states that you must have some knowledge about the label; and even more importantly, that you enjoy the music on their label. Of course, it's not like that's a major stumbling block. Southern are a consistently great label - Yeah, somebody put in a good word in for me? Q and Not U, Cat On Form *sobs*, Karate, Todd...Incidentally, Karate and Todd are perhaps the most detrimentally opposed bands you could imagine in musical terms. Oh, but if you are in any doubt, they're both great and well worth checking out. Actually, i'm supposed to be focusing on Karate.

I'd love to know what Geoff Farina had been listening to prior to the recording of Pockets. I mean, it's not post-rock, is it? If it is meant to have post-rock leanings, then it trascends that often difficult "realm" of music, and certainly makes it a more accessible, and pleasant listening experience (maybe it is just another Karate record?). It might not strike that chord with everybody, or even set the world alight, but you can't deny their ability to do something different. It's might not even signify dramatic departure from their other albums, but personally, I don't think they've ever sounded this good. It's all sounds too easy. All the way from the production to the songs. It has an eerie familarity about it. In fact, i'm convinced that Alex Chilton was some of inspiration for this record. The seventies pop-rock vibe is actually that undeniable.

Karate - The State I'm In aka Goode Buy from Cobbs Creek Park

Southern Records
Geoff Farina


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