Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I Turn My Face To The Forest Floor

Photo: Steve Gullick

Gravenhurst (Live):

Nick Talbot ------------> Voice, Guitars,
Paul Nash --------------> Voice, Guitars, Bass
Dave Collingwood -----> Drums,

I've read that you have to be in particular mindset to truly appreciate Gravenhurst. I was watching pre-oscar programme on this years nominations yesterday, and one of critics commented that "Eternal Sunshine For a Spotless Mind is a personal film, you either get it or you don't." It's frustrating because you could say that of anything really ("Yeah, it's not really my sort of thing really.") Alright, fair enough, it's a dead issue then. You obviously don't want to discuss it anymore. Discussion over - I really hate that. Maybe i'm thinking about this too much, but I do find it frustrating. Christ, reading over this I really do sound like an ego-maniac. I'm not Rough Trade, honestly. I'm not offering you the chance to sign up to The Album Club - For a small charge they'll send you the "best" albums, it's clearly the answer to all your prayers. Ok, i'm definitely being faetious now. It's probably best experienced alone, but that's all i'm going to say on the subject.

The first thing that strikes you about "The Flashlight Seasons" is that it's destributed by Warp, and Gravenhurst are in fact a Warp band. Personally, I didn't really give it a second though, but most of interviews with Nick Talbot seem to at least mention his relationship with Warp Records, so I thought I should too. It's bleak, brooding, dark, mysterious and has been compared to Elliot Smith. It even manages to remind me of Ghost (even i'm scatching my head over that), but that's mainly because it avoids the lo-fi moinker. The album was actually recorded in his bedroom. Obviously a lot of things changed after this stage, but the foundations for this album were created in an intimate setting, and they never really progress a lot further from there. It might not be a record for the folk-purists out there, but you can't really argue the heading that this music falls under either.

Warp Records

Since i'm still fairly annoyed after my altercation with "anonymous" (?)I won't be posting a Gravenhurst MP3.


At 4:38 pm, Anonymous Decode said...

Paul Nash is phasing out his involvement with Gravenhurst I think - he's got his own project, called North Sea Navigator, which also features Tim Atack of Angel Tech on drums and harmonium. lo-fi death-drone: squafe


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