Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cherry flavoured pop?

Riley Briggs ------------> Singer/Songwriter
Ian Stoddart ------------> Drums
Ken McIntosh ------------> Bass
Sarah McFadyen ----------> Fiddle/Vocals
Ruth Barrie -------------> Keyboard/Vocals

I think i'm officially going soft, but if it means I can like Aberfeldy then I don't care. Aberfeldy sound like Neil Young fronting The B52's after listening to Big Star records all day - I know, it seems like every band have a little bit of The B52's in them nowadays, but it's true. I first heard this band after watching their video for "Love is an Arrow" on MTV2 (Actually, it was 120 Minutes). Incidentally, how freaking good is the Sonic Youth video to "Teenage Riot"? I'd never seen it before, and it totally blew me away. Anyway, I have the Aberfeldy record now. I'd definitely seen the artwork to the album somewhere before, but I don't know where - answers on a postcard? Aberfeldy formed in 2002 in Edinburgh, Scotland. They've spent the last two years working together and forming a sound which has garnered a great deal of critical acclaim. During this time they've also signed to Rough Trade and have barely stopped touring and playing gigs. Their next single will be "Love Is An Arrow" and is set to be released on February 14th 2005, Valentine’s Day. So look out for the single and their "Eskimo" video, but in the mean time you can click on the following links:

Aberfeldy - Love is an Arrow

Aberfeldy - Love is an Arrow (Video)

Hmmm...Before I go. Looking around the blog network i've been alerted to some great music/ articles over the past couple of months, but i'm going to name a few that have really caught my attention recently: - Spoilt Victorian Child and XXJFGs always set standard for me. The Podcasts over at Soul Sides also blows me away, and - even if I do find myself out of depth over there - I have made some purchases that I would never have considered otherwise (MF Doom, 24 Karat Black and more recently Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings). I think we're all offically itching to hear the new Outhud album now, thanks to Just For A Day, Sissorkick and XXJFG. Err, and i'm already visiting Headphone Sex regularly after posts on Maximo Park and Angie... I'm sure i've missed a hell of a lot out, but they're only the ones off the top of my head.

Don't forget to visit the following sites:
Rough Trade


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