Sunday, January 09, 2005

Three-chord beasts

Hahaha. Have you seen this? It’s funny because their list from last year was so well, accurate - Keane anyone? I’m still scratching my head as to why that band have sold so many records in this country. It literally gives me the fear. Anyway, I’ve seen enough polls and lists already this year; lets get to it. Now, I’ve given you the Hot Snakes treatment already, and although this might be construed as poor form on my part, you’re about to receive another yet another dose of John Reis and Rick Froberg: No, not Drive Like Jehu, i’m talking about Rocket From The Crypt. Speedy and Co don’t mess around, huh? How many bands do you know who are producing their best work ten years after they first formed? I’m guessing not many. Ah, well, if they want to make ridiculously catchy rock and roll songs, who am I to argue? Group Sounds in particular is so never lets up, never runs out of steam, and always ceases to amaze. I’ve heard it being described as the ultimate garage-punk party record; I knew I wasn’t going to right parties…Maybe it’s the horns. It’s probably the horns. I wouldn’t call it a horn section: since it’s not that prominent, but it’s definitely distinctive enough to know whom you’re listening to. I might be a latecomer to all that is Swami, but better late than never is all I can say.

I did read something else that was quite interesting. John Reis has said that anyone with a tattoo of the Rocket from the Crypt logo would get into their shows free forever. Now, I’m not actually sure if that’s true, but it would be cool if it were the standard.

Rocket From The Crypt White Belt

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At 9:25 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm gonna get John Reis' face tattooed on me just to buck the system. I'm just a rascal.

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