Monday, January 31, 2005

Forward and sideways

Gypsy -------> guitars, vocals
Antokio -----> bass, programming
Valentina ---> drums

Or the line up currently consists of 2 cocks, 2 tits, 10 strings and 2 sticks - their words, not mine.

Upon first listening to Querelle you're instantly reminded of bands like Blonde Redhead, Sonic Youth, The Lapse and bands of the same stature. Later on, you learn that really don't just sound like any of those bands, but that they continue in their tradition. Buzzing guitars, alt-noise, and feedback are fed over a strong rhythm section and complimented with the most amazingly melodic guitar sounds you'll probably hear from unsigned band this year; yes, they're really that good. Switching their dynamic from guitar feedback and drone to slow and intense emotion. Querelle are superb in manipulating noise and tension in their music, without sounding like your typical art-rock band: jamming for the sake of jamming. You can't help but feel that Steve Albini would approve, and while they aren't exactly Shellac, they probably don't have those aspirations anyway.

Ok, so what else is there to say? Oh yes, the song. I'm going to share a track that appears on the Unlabel compilation from last year. I really really really think that this particular Unlabel compilation is worth investing in. The song is entitled "Sore" and is fairly indicative of the few recordings i've heard from the band - scattered around on other compilations.

Querelle - Sore

Click here to find out more information about the band, and on to purchase their material.


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