Sunday, December 19, 2004

Why do you want a title?

There was a thought process involved in me posting this track. I was watching a Richard Linklater documentary earlier this week: St Richard Linklater of Austin: The Reverend Richard You know, the guy who directed Slacker, Dazed and Confused, Before Sunrise, its sequel Before Sunset, Waking Life and his biggest hit so far, School of Rock. Now, I’ve still not really formed a view of Richard Linklater. He seemed like an interesting guy, but the documentary was really open ended; he effectively ended up interviewing the journalist who came to interview him! Of course, the interviewer went there with an agenda. He wanted to know the thought process involved in the making of his films, and the underlying philosophy that unites his films – We soon learn how futile his mission really is. The more I think about the documentary, the more I begin to understand how his films work. His films are character and narrative driven films, but the one thing that he does stress in the documentary is that: “a person's job shouldn't be all there is to them.” Now this was closest that Richard Linklater came in giving any kind of answer and it was kind of skipped over. Having said all that, it was an entertaining programme on a fiercely independent person with views on most things. But yet again, i’m waffling, and this really isn’t going anywhere.

Part Two: Where nonsense and a Richard Linklater documentary collide.

So how do I go from Richard Linklater to “Free Ride” by The Edgar Winters Group? Well, the song appears on the soundtrack to the 1993 film Dazed & Confused (Even More Dazed & Confused to be exact)– which as you already know was directed by Richard Linklater. I doubt he had any input in the soundtrack, but it’s a great song by another group I know very little about (It’s also a 70’s rocker, and I haven’t posted one of those yet.) The song itself could be construed as a Sly and the Family Stone type song, but it’s all about the rock baby! It’s a Funky, electric guitar driven rock and roll song that does a great job of embodying the spirit of the film and remaining relevant to this day *big smile*. It’s also…Ah, I don’t know. I’m not going to get any blog cred for posting a song like this, but it’s a Sunday, and err, it’s a Sunday. If there is any consolation, I could have posted a far more embarrassing song, but I think I would have needed help. Cheers.

Edgar Winters Group - Free Ride

(Oh, and by the way. If you head over to Teaching the Indie Kids to Dance you can hear some tracks by yet another great Canadian band who go by the name of Magneta Lane - This may go some way in redeeming myself. If you have already heard Magneta Lane..)

You can buy the soundtrack to Even More Dazed and Confused here.


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