Thursday, December 23, 2004

Mixing it up...

Who is TM Juke? He is the twenty-four year old also known as Al Stylus. On his debut long player "Maps from The Wilderness, TM Juke puts years of practice in the art of instrumental music to great effect, incorporating it to more modern ideas of mixing; incidentally, he first picked up a sampler six years ago. As a producer, TM Juke draws on soulf, funk, hip-hop and jazz influences, while at the same time managing to make his creations both varied and uniquely his.

So why have I made a post about some essentially downbeat music? Well, this is experiment into the unknown for me too: I was listening to "Closer" by Joy Division this morning, and that is something that I can more easily identify with. All I can say is that this album came highly recommended and it’s interested me enough to write about it on here. TM Juke is signed to the Tru Thoughts label. From what i've gathered Tru Thoughts formed in Brighton in 1999, and immediately took off with the increasing interest in the new down tempo scene, but you can find out more through their website by clicking here.

If it wasn’t for my newly formed interest in Hip Hop I doubt an album like "Maps from The Wilderness” would have even registered, having said that, if you are looking for something different and if words like mellow, uplifting, Jazz and Soul don’t immediately put you off then you can do much worse than checking out this release. "Maps from The Wilderness” has been designed to be heard to in one sitting, so choosing a particular track is both difficult and possibly unfair in illustrating how good this album really is – but i’m going to try anyway. “Knee Deep” is the first track on the album, and features Jim Oxborough and Alice Russell who duet on this, the first single to be taken from the album – it was released earlier this year. It’s not really indicative of the album, but as the first track it’s reasonably emblematic of the mood that TM Juke creates - An excellent debut.

TM Juke - Knee Deep feat. Alice Russell & Jim Oxborough

You can buy the album through Tru Thoughts, but if you have time, check out some of their other artists - They have MP3's avaliable for download.


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