Friday, December 31, 2004

Milo says relax

Must Hurry! According to their – frankly amazing – website , Copter are: “Five men and one robot, needle-down rock & soul from outer space to your inner ear. They play with a fierce right side of the brain and are all about fire and soul. They don't understand why you are crying. They don't care why you are crying. They just want your sandwich.” Now, that’s not really a Manifesto, is it? The website is full of these quirky stories. So they came from out of space, and landed in Birmingham? Of course they did. Now, you’d think a band like Copter are going to sell themselves – this humour, and their own unique style make these songs work so well. They sound like a mutated amalgam of The Make-Up, Man or Astroman and Turbonegro (See, you’re already interested, aren’t you?) I mean, I heard those comparisons and I was immediately interested. Actually, forget that, I was excited. I’m still excited. Think fast punk rock with electronic noodlings and some heavy sampling and you’re almost there. Copter have their own theme tune (M.I.L.O’s Theme) and their own Comic strip! – You can download it if you have Adobe Acrobat. But more than that: This is garage rock, maybe not as we know it, but it's real – Just not human apparently.

They play the Liars Club on Thursday February 13th (With hopefully some more gigs coming up…?) Click here to view their website.

Copter - MILOs Theme

Copter - White Chocolate


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