Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Scare yourself

"...Save Yourself
is the most accomplished
and limber blend of punk
gospel, psychedelia and soul..."
-Heather Phares

Now for something completely different: The Make-Up.Ian Svenonius, whether as a part of Nation of Ulysses or The Make Up, has always been fiercely inventive in creating music. He strikes me as the sort of person who hates to be pigeonholed, and strives to make original music. If pushed you’d have to say that these guys play a form of Gospel/ Yeh Yeh music – Well, that’s what I seem to read everywhere. They like James Brown, and they loved to put on a live spectacle. Because of Ian Svenonius’ history with Nation of Ulysses this band are normally associated with bands like Rocket From the Crypt. But, there was, and is, a lot more to this band. I wouldn’t say they were that funky, but they’re definitely down and dirty. Well, you know, this is music that was always considered for it’s live setting, so it runs that risk.

On the other hand Save Yourself is definitely not amateur hour. Ian Svenonius croons, screams, preaches and although the album often sounds like it’s going to fall apart, it continually has it’s own trademark swagger and sleazy sound. I’d love to post a couple of tracks that might make sense of what I’ve already written, but I’m not going to. It’s weird because these guys released singles, but don’t see how releasing singles would ever work for this band. Tracks like "Feelin’ Man" in particular, are perfect Halloween fare. It’s music that haunts you, and even if I am a day late, it’s time to get scared. Funk. Rawk. Punk. Whatever…

You can buy the album quite easily from Amazon. I can’t find an official site for them anymore.

The Make-Up – Feelin’ Man


At 9:28 pm, Blogger guanoboy said...

Ian's moved onto something new, once again...his newest band is Weird War (or Scene Creamers, some legal hassle over that one, though). Michelle May is the only hold over from the Make-Up. Here's a link:

They've got more of a sixties vibe to them than ever before, and although I like it a lot, it doesn't top his earlier bands (NoU or the Make-Up).

I've still got one song posted from his very short lived band, Cupid Car Club, you should check it out if you don't have it, it's over here:

Good post! I'll be linking to your site, I think, if you don't mind!



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