Friday, November 26, 2004

Opening night (the other night?)

So the night didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped; both of the bands pulled out. But we managed to get replacements, and they did a great job for us. So I can’t complain too much. God knows what people thought of the music. We kept getting asked to play Libertines tracks, and not one of us own a copy of their new album, or the abomination known as Babyshambles – Sorry, disgraceful language folks. No, but seriously, we all think it went really well. People stayed to listen to the music, and we had a good time. It’s hard to gauge what went down really well. We did have a projector playing, so there could have been a lot of people who stayed to watch Kill Bill or the Big Lebowski. We managed to play some Out Hud, and well, “Hair dude, You’re Stepping on my Mystic” was a definite highlight for me. “S.T.R.E.E.T.D.A.D” is a great album, and I’m sure a lot of people have revisited it (or plan to) after the impact of the !!! (pronounced chick, chick, chick) album this year, but I thought I might speed up the progress by posting a track now.

Regarded by many as a genuine classic, which has spawned a lot of substandard imitators over the last couple of years, S.T.R.E.E.T.D.A.D was released in 2002. Incorporating punk, dub, electro, funk, acid house and hip hop, the music on this album is an amalgamation of pure noise and catchy grooves - leaving the listener at worst, slightly unsettled. So, all this from a debut album you say? Well, strictly speaking, it is a debut album – an extremely accomplished one at that – but the members of this band are composed of members from another famous Sacramento group, !!! as well as from the group The Yah Mo's.

In short: this is an important record, and if you like this track then stop by to hear some more of the same on the 8th of December – If you’re local. But more importantly BUY the album. It’s essential listening for anybody with an interest in music: Amazon,

Out Hud – Hair Dude, You're Stepping on my Mystique

I'm guessing people didn't vibe off the other entries (Devo excluded)?


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