Friday, November 12, 2004

I have to say I don’t know?

WhiteySo what if 1,2,3,4 Records didn’t send me a promo of the new album. I’m a nobody. Surely it makes more sense for them to send a copy of “The Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train” to a radio station, so that they can ignore it, and continue to play some bland indie that the NME have “suggested” for them to play. Grrr. I’d like to think that John Peel would like Whitey though. Ahh well, I don’t really don’t want to go down that path. In fact my own sensitivity precludes me from following any discussion of the radio one legend at this moment in time. Of course it might have something to do with that fact that I’m talking complete rubbish without presenting any semblance of a review… *sigh* It’s not like I have to worry about being edited is it? Who knows, they might even send me the promo? Haha, who am I kidding. Anyway, the main reason why I sent an email to said record company is because I really like this band. Actually, I call them a band but the “band” is in fact one man: Nathan Whitey. He’s the one who provides the vocals plays guitar, bass, keyboards, synths, and vibraphone on these tracks. He’s even remixed some tracks that will remain nameless.

They don’t have an album out (yet) they kick serious ass, and their EP/Single is an amalgam of loud and shimmering bass lines and catchy riffs, served on a bed of electro beats. Are you interested yet? You really should be. After a while you even begin to understand Krautock references. There is a lot of unnecessary momentum to these songs, sure, but they never seem contrived or artificial (Hmmm artificial beats…I've heard that before (obviously) but I like it). I have little information to provide you ("I hate I don't know?") on this band – If you haven’t already guessed. But even with what little I do know, I have to admire him for constantly changing the tempo and even the style of these songs. I like what I’ve heard, but it seems like the album is going to be really difficult to market. Maybe I’m wrong. The music is good, and if they’re able to get out there and play then I’m sure they’re going to blow folks away.

Whitey – Just Another Animal

Mad props to Stuart and Juan of 20 Jazz Funk Greats and Simon from Spoilt Victorian Child for bringing these guys to my attention, and of course, to the people who still put these guys on their playlist every week!. Please visit Amazon and order the EP/ 12” in a single and orderly fashion. Ready. Set. Go.


At 4:45 pm, Blogger Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Excellent choice from an excellent Band (Man)...
and thanks a lot for the mention.

link to song doesn't work.

Nice blog too, just bookmarked.


At 5:21 pm, Blogger StopBeingCarbon said...

Sorry, i've changed it now. All the links should be working now (hopefully).


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