Friday, November 12, 2004

Cause this rhymin for nickels business ain't makin it

KMD were brothers Zevlove X and DJ Subroc along with close friend Onyx. They released the classic album “Mr. Hood” in 1990 on Elektra records. Criminally ignored on upon it’s the release the emergence of Zevlove, under the alias MF Doom and his alter egos, have seen this album become some serious hard currency in recent years. It’s incredibly hard to get hold of. Elektra dropped KMD in 1994 *sigh* before the release of their second album: “Black Bastards”, and shortly after this Subroc was tragically killed in a car accident. Putting an end to form of comeback

The world just wasn’t ready for KMD. This whole album is packed with stories, humour, sarcasm and excellent skills both on the musical and the lyrical tip. It’s fun, but with a serious edge. Mr Hood is a figure that appears as a character throughout the album. You get to hear about the interesting situations and scenarios he encounters in his story. But Mike Skinner he is not. Mr Hood is far more interesting; achieved mostly through KMD’s amazing use sampling, and Zevlove X’s own vocal delivery. That it works so well as a debut is testimony to the talent of this group. So with all this in mind, take a walk down to Piocalles Jewelry (The first track on the album is pretty indicative of the humour and their style) but beware, this is not *just* a hip hop parody.

Keep a look out for future releases. This year has seen the release of the their Greatest Hits CD, so it can’t imagine it will take long for Mr Hood gets his day.

KMD -"Soulflexin'"


At 4:57 am, Blogger Jack Dee said...

yo man thanks for givin the good word on these fellas. i got the best of and am hooked!!! keep on keepin on... -jd


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